This is CleverCookie, an adventurous, intelligent, and interculturalist cookie who is always searching for the best teaching approaches. Help her to solve the challenges to overcome the darkness of ignorance.

Our heroine

Something really strange has happened to CleverCookie: she is trapped in the quantum world! And she needs your help to solve the challenges to come back to the ordinary world, but, be careful: Lord Dunno will try to avoid our success.

He doesn’t want you, the teachers of change, to finish with its dominium of squareness and rigidity. During the following weeks, will try to get out of this quantic world where everything is imprecise and unpredictable using a time-space machine. To find it, we need to solve of the challenges and win the trophies.

Meet Lord Dunno, who wants everybody living in the edge of ignorance and of old-fashioned teaching methodologies which suit nobody. Lord Dunno needs to learn how to move from its square way of thinking to an open-minded perception of English language teaching.

The bad guy

Are you ready?

Then, enter Challenge 1: Motivation


and the Search for Knowledge